Jason's Story

June 6, 1989, Nashville, Tennessee

Jason was born. He was raised in Franklin, Tennessee. When Jason was 10 he moved in with his father and myself. He played football and basketball in middle school. He had a given gift for golf, but did not care for it. In sixth grade he decided to join the band and wanted to play the drums.

May 2007

Jason graduated from Franklin High School. He was a member of the Marching Band.




Jason attended East Tennessee State University and studied criminal law. He wanted to be an FBI or TBI agent. The professors told Jason that the FBI chose military first over academy graduates. The fall of 2008, Jason enlisted in the United States Army. He left in January of 2009 for, Ft. Benning, Georgia for his basic training. May 2009 Jason Headed for his home base, Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas.


The fall of 2008, Jason enlisted in the United States Army. He left in January of 2009 for, Ft. Benning, Georgia for his basic training. May 2009 Jason Headed for his home base, Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas.



June 6,2009 Jason married his college sweetheart, Ashley.




October, 2011

Jason and his unit deployed to Afghanistan.




November, 2011

Jason was lucky to obtain leave and returned home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. He enjoyed life, spent time with his wife, family and friends, playing with his dog Charlie, riding his motorcycle and shooting guns.

The Day Our World Changed Forever

by Jan Edens

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I was home alone on, at 12:35 pm. I answered the telephone when it rang. The lady on the other end introduced herself as a 1st sergeant in the US Army. She asked if this was the home of Jason Edens, and I said yes. She told me Jason he had been shot in the line of duty and was alive. I asked her if I could call her back, that I did not want to hear this news alone. I called my husband Jim, he was on the number one tee box at the club. I called Ashley it went into voicemail (Ashley lived with us while Jason was deployed). Jim and Ashley arrived home about the same time. We made the phone call together. The Sergeant told us that Jason had been shot in head while engaged in enemy fire. He was alive and his doctor would call us. We called Jason’s mom, Janet and Stepdad Mike. We also called Jr., Jason’s brother. While we waited for the doctors to call, we started making phone calls ourselves to family and friends. That afternoon we realized how much we were loved by our family and friends. Before we knew it our house was full of people and food. Jason’s doctor did call us back. Jason had surgery in the field and was now in the hospital in Afghanistan. A short time later the doctor called back. He told us that Jason had another bleed and was being rushed back to surgery. We were in for a long night and our family and friends waited with us. It was after midnight when the doctor called us back. Jason survived the second surgery. We did not sleep much that night. The next morning we talked to the doctors and the Army. They told us that as soon as Jason was stable enough he would be flown to Germany. Depending on his condition, be prepared to meet him in Germany. Their goal was to get him state side. They told us to have our bags packed that we could only have two hours notice to get to the airport. It was a very long day of waiting. Got a call late that Jason was on his way to Germany.

Tuesday, April 17.

At 6:00am, We got a call from his medical team. He was in Germany and his doctors were accessing his condition. Around 9:00am, Jason’s doctor, Dr. Riley called. Dr.Riley was very nice and very frank with us. He told us that Jason had less than 50% chance of surviving. Dr. Riley told us he was putting in the orders for us to go to Germany. Jim, myself Ashley (Jason’s wife) and Jr (Jason’s older brother) headed to the airport.

Wednesday, April 18.

 We met up with Jason’s mom and Stepdad Mike in Washington Dulles airport. We named ourselves “TEAM JASON.”

We arrived in Frankfurt, Germany 8:30am, (1:30am central time). We made it to Landsthul Medical Center. It took us over an hour, including traveling on the Autobahn to get there. We checked into the Fisher House and freshened up. We finally got to go see Jason. We walked in Jason’s room and to our surprise he looked good, even though he wasn’t.


As we stood around Jason when a chaplain walked in and said, “I hear you are going to Walter Reed tomorrow”. Needless to say we were shocked. That is when Dr. Riley came in and told us Jason had stabilized enough to be moved to Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. We asked Dr. Riley when visiting hours were. He told us that there were no visiting hours, they believed that patients needed their family around. He did ask if we would leave during shift change, 7:00am and 7:00pm. We spent the rest of the day at his bedside. That evening two 5 star generals can to visit. They were impressed on how good Jason looked. One told us that he actually pined the “Purple Heart” on Jason in the field, that he did not expect Jason to live.


After being in Germany less than 30 hours, we were on our way to Bethesda, MD. We arrived Friday afternoon. The Fisher House did not have rooms for us until Saturday. The Fisher House did put us up at the Marriott Hotel near the hospital. Jason made it through the flight. On his plane he had his own surgical team. They were prepared to do surgery in the air if they had to. We ate dinner at the hotel while we waited for word that we could go see Jason. We went to the hospital to see Jason. We met our new CAO (Casualty Assistance Officer) 1st Sergeant Rob McAlpin. This person takes care of us and helps us with the Army.


We met Jason’s Trauma Team. We again asked about visiting hours. Again we were told they wanted us with Jason. They asked us to take a break during shift change hours. They did ask us to wear gowns and gloves when we were in the room with Jason. They wanted to protect us, because it was possible that Jason was carrying some kind of bacteria. On Saturday, we moved to the Fisher House. There are 5 Fisher Houses in Bethesda at Walter Reed Medical Center. We got settled in to our new home. We did not know for how long, but we did know we were in for the long haul.


On Monday morning we were at the hospital bright and early. Jason was going have some test done. Jason’s, doctors came in and gave us the horrible news. They were able to a MRI, it showed that both sides of Jason’s brain was damaged and the brainstem was nicked in the area for consciousness. There was no hope

Friday, April 26,2012 approximately 2:50 am

Jason fought his final battle.